PVC Gutter

Our heavy duty Coloured Plastic Guttering Systems are capable of handling persistent heavy downpours so you can be sure that your building is weatherproof at all times. 


We also manufacture Colour Coated and Plain Galvanised Steel Gutters, Butt Straps, Stopends and Outlets to customers' exact requirements. All components are available in our standard colours with your preferred coating to match your roofing sheets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



We keep large stocks of Black Plastic Gutter ideal for Agricultural, Industrial, and Domestic purposes, available in both 170mm and 112mm Half Round Lengths along with 110mm and 68mm Pipe Lengths to suit respectively.






Our more popular 170mm range, designed for Agricultural & Industrial uses, offers superior drainage for larger roof sheet areas. Extra strong support brackets help to withstand heavy snow-loading and wind updrafts likely to exposed or remote buildings. This system is designed to cope with removing huge volumes of rainwater from the largest of roof areas typical to Agricultural & Industrial sites.

















Please find below a complete list of our 170mm Plastic Gutter Products available in Black, Grey and Brown



Brett Martin Deepstyle Gutter Product Range


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