Fixings and Sealants

We stock a wide range of Fastening Systems including Self Drilling Tek Screws, Drive Nails and Sealants for use in the fixing of Metal Roofing and Cladding SheetsRooflights and Insulated Roof Panels to your Purlins.


Our most popular sized Fixings and Sealants can be found below, but if you need advice as to what fixings you require or would like to enquire about different sizes and types of fixing screw, please contact us and we will be happy help.



Self Drilling Tek Screws into Timber Purlins





















Self Drilling Tek Screws into Light Steel Zed Purlins

























Self Drilling Tek Screws into Heavy Steel Hot Rolled Purlins

























Self Drilling Stitching Screws 















Foam Fillers for Ridge and Eaves 


We stock a wide range of Foam Fillers typically used at the Ridge and Eaves of your building.


Ridge Fillers fill the inter-profile between ridge cap and profiled roof sheet, this filler fits downward into the valley. 

Eaves Fillers are used under the roof sheets at the eaves, filling the inter-profile cavity between roof sheet and structure. 





















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