Single Skin Steel Sheet Installation Guide

Author: MCS Roofing & Cladding   Date: December 14, 2017

Fixing and Installation Guide for MCS Single Skin Steel Roofing Sheets Box Profile 34-1000 & 35-1000 Swaged MCS Box Profile Roof and Cladding Sheets can be laid Left - Right or Right - Left dependant upon aesthetics and or prevailing wind conditions. If overlapping roof or cladding sheets lengthways (end to end), a 150mm - 300mm overlap should be allowed, this is usually determined by the pitch (slope) of the roof.   Roofing and Cladding Sheets should be overlapped and fixed as shown below with the narrower of the lapping edges going over the larger when appropriate. This is to stop any capillary action drawing water from the pan of the roof or cladding sheet.      When Fixing, Tek Screws should be used and fixed through the pan of the roof or cladding sheet in accordance with British Standard. The fixings MUST NOT be over tightened as the rubber bonded washer may split. Tighten the screw until the washer just starts to appear from beneath the metal washer. The tek screws are self cutting or self drilling depending on what purlins are in situ. If you are using this type of screw for the first time we recommend using them on a scrap piece of material to get used to how the screws should be applied.   It is advisable to fix the roof or cladding sheets 

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